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As one of the longest established dental laboratories in the West Midlands, and even the UK, Sterling Ceramics understands the need to offer a wide range of dental restoration services.

Sterling Ceramics began by offering top quality NHS work but the business has developed significantly over the past five years, and now as well as offering NHS work we have added a significant portfolio of private work.

Our Services

Our Standard Service


Porcelain bonded crowns are constructed in nickel free non-precious alloy, with dentine/enamel layered porcelain.

Full metal crowns are constructed in non-precious silver coloured alloy.

Independent Services


Porcelain bonded crowns are constructed in nickel free non-precious alloy (precious alloy can be requested).

Independent porcelain work is allocated to our more experienced technicians; the porcelain build up is more sophisticated, including internal stains, which provide a more realistic restoration.

Private Services


Porcelain bonded crowns are available in a variety of alloys. We also provide a full range of all ceramics, including Emax and Zirconia.

Private Porcelain work is produced by our master technician using high quality porcelains. A full spectrum of build-up effects are used to provide a vital and highly natural looking restoration. Full metal crowns are constructed in 60% yellow gold.


At Sterling Ceramics we work with all major implant systems.

We can manufacture custom made implant abutments at our onsite sister milling company Zfx .Through Zfx we can provide:

  • Ti abutments
  • Ti base, zirconia abutments, either abutment + crown or all one piece crown and abutment.
  • One piece non-precious abutment with layered porcelain.

For more information visit the website of ZFX Birmingham.


We can offer your patient a laboratory visit for state of the art shade taking including a consultation, as well as photographs.Highly accurate tooth matches and precision detailed colour images are produced to assist the technician in the porcelain build up.For additional accuracy the high technology software breaks down the shade into hue, value and chroma analysis.
This system is available to all patients who wish to have their shade taken. It takes approximately 15/20 minutes depending on the type of restoration required and a printed result of the shade is returned to the surgery with the crown.
Zfx Shade