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Sterling Ceramics is a highly respected crown and bridge laboratory located in Halesowen, Birmingham and serving both NHS and private dental surgeons across the Midlands, the Northeast, Wales and other parts of the UK. The laboratory has a long established, professional team of GDC registered technicians, all embracing the new digital era in which Sterling Ceramics now operates.


The laboratory was purchased in 2005 and moved to its current location in 2008. Recently renovated, our building is now a local landmark. However, it’s continues to impress beyond the ultra-modern frontage. The ergonomically designed crown, bridge and implant laboratory is equipped with modern island benches and cabinets and is surrounded by natural light. There are further rooms for model making and casting, and accessories throughout the building have been carefully selected for their refinement and elegance.


Sterling Ceramics and its customers also benefit from the on-site location of Zfx Birmingham, a state-of-the-art milling centre staffed by expert digital technicians, and Toplabs Prosthetics, a specialist denture laboratory. This arrangement enables Sterling Ceramics to perfect its crown, bridge and implant work, while collaborating with these complementary businesses in order to deliver a fast, efficient and complete service that clinicians appreciate. Our building also houses a dental surgery, used regularly for training purposes and also available to hire.

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The speed of technological advances in aesthetic dentistry has changed the nature of the industry. Today’s leading laboratories are knowledge centres, gathering, evaluating, implementing and passing on information and know-how to the dental surgeons that they serve. In this respect, Sterling Ceramics serves its clinicians well. Membership of Terec brings real benefits to the laboratory and its customers such as being able to offer the complete range of Chameleon® restorations which have become a benchmark for cosmetic dentistry. Terec members, who are considered to be at the forefront of dental technology, meet regularly to share information about the latest products, techniques and machinery; travel abroad together to source the world’s leading edge technologies; test out innovative equipment and materials; and support each other to find solutions to technical challenges.
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